Managing web traffic by URL

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm rather new in the firewall management and I was wondering if it was possible to manage my internet traffic depending on the destination. Let me explain.

    I'm from Canada and I have an open VPN that allows me to access the us content of Netflix as well as ANC, CBS ans NBC's website for streaming their show. But there is also some website that are only available in Canada. See where I'm going ?

    Is ther a way for me to configure PFSense in a way that if any of my devices is using Netflix or going to an american specific website, it will use automatically my US Gateway, provided my my openVPN connection and the rest of my traffic will use my canadian gateway ?

    Thanks for any input on this subject.


  • What you are asking for does not seem feasible.  Instead of attempting to route based on country, you could obtain the IP addresses of just the media servers you connect to in one country and create static routes for those while using the default gateway for the other country.  For some of them, I suspect you might be able to get away with routes to their web server's IP addresses only.

  • I'll give that a try, thanks

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