PFSense 2.1 IPSEC disconnected after some time

  • I searched the web for this problem and applied possible solutions with no results so far.

    I got PFSense 2.1 with a IPSEC site to site tunnel to a Checkpoint firewall. Tunnel is fine and works when established.

    Problem: after key expires it (I think that is the issue) disconnects.

    I tried:

    disabled  Prefer older IPsec SAs
    No DPD enabled
    No NAT-T

    Tunnel consists in one phase 1 and two phase 2 (two different networks that I need to reach).

    Does anyone have tips in a case like that ?

  • Myself and others are having problems with IPSEC not coming back after a modem reboot.  This could be your problem.

    I have created a bug in redmine for this:

  • This is broken again in 2.1.2