Dual LAN?

  • Hello,

    I tried to read and search but just soo much info I got lost.

    Anyway we have the following setup

    2 ISPs (in failover mode but both in use as some web servers on both… (I know failover cant help the webservers))
    2 LAN's (Here is what I need help with).

    One of the LAN's will have access to both ISPs. The 2nd lan only needs to access one ISP but also needs static public IPs from that ISP. The LAN user wants to put a pfbox up also to control the lan but how would we configure this? We cant buy any vlan switch or anything like that, just got what we got.

    We will limit the bandwith of the 2nd lan via the first pfsense box but how can we do so the user can have his pfbox setup as if we are the isp for him? I want to give him 5 ips and let him do whatever with them. Will we have to make another internal network in between our pfbox and his and than I just forward whatever static ip to each of its own internal and than he use those internals on his box as if they was really public or can a better way be done?

    Thanks in advance.

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