Really Dumb Question on low Packet Loss thresholds in Apinger

  • I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around "Packet Loss thresholds". I read this thread, and only became more confused:

    What does "low threshold" mean? Does that mean:

    1. An alert is fired if latency drops below this amount.
    2. An warning is fired if latency goes above this amount.
    3. Something else?

    What does "high threshhold mean? Does it mean:

    1. An alert is fired latency goes above this amount?
    2. Something else?


    At what point will a gateway be included back into the group?

  • When the low threshold is reached, an alert is fired.

    When the high threshold is reached, the gateway is declared down.

  • Basically what priller said, the low threshhold is the <amount>that can be hit before it sends and alert, and the high threshold is the <amount>at which point the gateway is considered down.</amount></amount>

  • Thank you!!!

    One more question, at what point is the gateway admitted back into the group?

  • @j@svg:

    One more question, at what point is the gateway admitted back into the group?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the previously-failed gateway is put back in the group/pool after it comes back up.

    This entry in the manual may be useful to you.

    Lastly, mostly unrelated but somewhat relevant, there seems to be a widely-reported bug with 2.1-RELEASE that some users (including myself) experience, where if a WAN interface loses its connection (say, if the cable comes unplugged) when the connection is restored pfSense gets stuck continually rebooting the NIC and will never re-establish the connection, until you power-cycle the whole box. So, if you're on a flaky ISP, you may want to hold off loading 2.1-RELEASE until they've addressed the issue.

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