Installing Squid

  • Is there any order that Squid, SquidGuard, Sarg and Snort should be installed in on pFsense 2.1?  I seem to remember back under pFsense 2.0.x someone suggested installing these packages in a certain order so as to not screw up the default files/directories.  I've installed these packages but they don't seem to function except when I force an update.

  • On 2.1 pbi packages should work without conflicts as they are "chroot ed" under /usr/pbi folder.

  • Which version of Squid and Squidguard should I be installing on pFsense 2.1?

  • It's up to you.
    Squid2 is a stable package.
    Squid3-dev has latest squid version, more gui options but still need manual lib download.

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