• Existing 2 LAN - LAN1 and LAN2. While LAN1 - , LAN2 is and connectivity to LAN2 happens through IPSEC tunnel with BINAT (all LAN1 masqueraded under 1 public IP)

    As i understand - connectivity to LDAP occurs from localhost.
    So my pFsense box can't reach LDAP server located in LAN2.
    I've tried to make manual NAT rule for ipsec where all outgoing traffic from forwarded to LAN2 and nated under public IP .. but not sure if i made this right…
    Log says only following: php: /system_usermanager_settings_ldapacpicker.php: ERROR! ldap_get_user_ous() could not bind anonymously to server .

    There is no authentication on LDAP (anonymous logon allowed) and i able to connect to LDAP through ldap browser from PC in LAN1.

    How i may force pFsense to understand where to connect?

  • Debug patch gave following output:
    ldap_new_connection 1 1 0
    ldap_connect_to_host: TCP
    ldap_new_socket: 15
    ldap_prepare_socket: 15
    ldap_connect_to_host: Trying
    ldap_pvt_connect: fd: 15 tm: -1 async: 0
    attempting to connect:
    connect errno: 65
    ldap_close_socket: 15