Pfsense 2.1 x64 port forwarding not working

  • i'm having a strange problem and don't know how to solve it.

    i set up latest 2.1 pfSense and set up all the port forwarding rules to my email server/ test servers and they worked just fine.

    then since i was testing it unpluged wan/lan cables and pluged them in to our old sonicwall then repluged to pfsense next day to finish the set up and the port forwards stopped working.

    i redid the rules and only one was working and the rest didnt even though they're set up the same except the public IP they're assigned to via alias.

    here are the screenshots. if anyone know what could be causing it any help is appreciated. thanks


  • Hi,

    I think, you should use "WAN Address" as a dest. addr. in port forwarding. Also, I recommend you to set "Filter rule association" to "Pass" when creating a port forwarding rule … unless you want to log connections.

  • Provide a quick network map.  You obviously have a multi WAN or have a block of IP's.  How are you feeding those multiple IP's to PFsense?

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