Dead PSU on firebox x1250e, replacement?

  • I'm not having much luck with pfsense recently. A month ago my PSU died on my production box. I swapped in a firebox instead and its been running for about a month no problems. We had a new electricity meter fitting today so I halted the system, turned it off, unplugged it!

    Power came back on, connected it back up and it started to boot so I walked away. 2mins later I still have no Internet so go back to check on the firebox, its powered off. I try the power switch and nothing happens. I've put a continuity tester on the switch, it works fine, fuse in the plug is fine, basically power is getting to the PSU. I put the tester on the pins from the 20pin connector and none have power.

    I assume the PSU is DEAD!  :'( :'( :'( Where can I get a replacement? should I try a pico? Any suggestions? Buy another firebox? I have a spare firebox phew, but I've gone from 1 PC & 2 fireboxs in a month to 1 working box.

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    Ouch!  :(
    The PSU is standard ATX so any 1U type PSU should work. That also means you can test the rest of the box with any old PC PSU.
    I have a fake pico psu in one of my boxes that works fine. The old laptop power brick I have running it get damn hot though!  ::) The total consumption is reduced quite a bit. The one I have has a wide range input so I could in theory run it from a battery Google style. I don't have a decent battery charger to keep up with the load though, yet. Also opens the door for some solar power saving.


  • Yeah I plan on testing with an old PSU tonight/tomorrow (when time permits). I'm pretty sure it will just be a dead PSU and hopefully nothing more. Just gotta hunt down a cheap 1u psu then

  • I have a x750e PSU I yanked from my box a long time ago to replace it with a pico.      If you want a perfectly working OEM replacement PSU for your box let me know.

  • Thank you very much for the offer! But I no longer need it….

    I revisited this faulty box the other day and stole one of the RAM sticks for my replacement x750e I bought on ebay. I figured I would try powering it up on the off chance and it booted!  ;D Maybe a loose connection somewhere and the hour commute through the country lanes rattled something into place, who knows as that RAM module is running fine in the other box. Now I have 2 spare fireboxes (I'm becoming as bad as stephenw10)

    If anyone in the UK wants a cheap firebox I did see one of ebay right now, I don't need 3 spare (its not me selling it):

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    Good price. I definitely don't need another one!  ;)


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