OpenVPN issue after 2.1-RELEASE upgrade

  • Hello,
    I already posted a thread on OpenVPN forum:,68031.0.html

    But (as I stated on it) the problem arised after firmware upgrade from 2.1-RC1 to 2.1-RELEASE, hence I think this section is the best to post.

    The problem seems to be a bug because:

    • No changes were made to OpneVPN conf since 2.0.2 (and it worked fine on 2.0.3, 2.1-RC0/RC1)

    • It's very strange have to reboot the server to regain connectivity…

    • The problem seems to be related to routing not to openVPN

    I hope, if something is changed from 2.1-RC1 to 2.1-RELEASE on routing,  someone can let us know….

    Any Idea?
    Thanks in advance.