Quagga - OSPF nssa areas

  • Dear PFSense Team.

    We are integrating PFSense in our university here in Campinas - São Paulo - Brazil. At the same time that the product is working perfectly in our environment, we had to perform a manual customization inside the quagga ospd daemon.

    Here we work with nssa áreas and this option is not available through the GUI, so we've altered the startup script and the ospd.conf file manually to achieve that, and it works!

    What's the procedure to include this option in the GUI? Is just a single line that goes into the ospfd.conf file, in this case  area x.x.x.x nssa. This can be a checkbox that defines if the area is stub (area x.x.x.x stub), totally stub (area x.x.x.x stub no-summary), not so stub area (area x.x.x.x nssa) and so on.

    If we're able to change that behavior on the GUI interface, PFSense will become very popular here in the Unicamp (University of Campinas).

    Thanks a lot.
    André - Network Administrator
    Institute of Chemistry
    University of Campinas

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