Can't get through pfsense

  • I install it I connet Lan to switch and connect Wan to Adsl router wag54g linksys.
    Everything fine untill i try to connect to internet. The result is it can't So i try to do these
    1. I connect my client directly to Router to check internet work or not the result is it work normally
    2. I try to chang and switch network adapter nothing happen
    3. I try to ping first i can ping from client in lan to pfsense
    4. Pfsense can ping to client
    5. No firewall rule has been set all default
    6. I can't ping from pfsense to router and also to internet such as google

    I don't know which part i have miss

    Ps. I already search for one hour and no topic related

    Thank you

    Sorry for my language i'm not native

    Last question can i used DDNS with pfsense as i use in adsl router ?

    Edit –--

    I check wan status and evrything look fine
    There are IP Dns server from isp also default gateway point to my router

  • Your Linksys modem is also a router/switch/AP. If you really have a compelling reason to replace it with pfSense, you will most likely need to get a dsl modem that is just a modem.

  • OK that i will be consider but any other solution i still want to save my money

  • Not to dissuade you from using pfSense, but the cheapest and easiest solution is to just use your existing Linksys. Replacing it will require time and effort even if you can somehow manage to re-use the wag54g as a modem/AP. Do you require some advanced feature of pfSense that is not available on the Linksys?

  • OK thank you for advise my objective is Pfsense has  many feature i like and more useful than using router itself
    I use pfsense to protect my whole network not only for one or two computer
    It not happen only with linksys also in d link wireless router

    I just want the solution to achive my objective again thank you for all advice.

    Ps. I get DHCP ip from router too but in linksys they show that this ip have been assign but no host name

  • If you want a name to show up you need to specify one on pfsense on the interface-config page

  • Thank you about name now i have name on my router status  but still can't connect through and can't ping out even ping to router

    and for sure can't ping to dns server

    thank for all help

  • If you have another router in front of the pfsense i assume you have a private network between the pfsense and your other router.
    Did you disable the "Block private networks" on the WAN-config?
    (looking through the config-option helps to solve these problems.)

  • i've already disable that option and nothing has change

  • what subnets are you using?

  • Ip Subnet

    In Interface status everything look fine
    Ip Dns and so on

  • Could you post a screenshot of your interface-status-page.

  • That it
    I also try to release and renew

  • You need to have different subnets on WAN and LAN.
    How else should a router…. well... route ^^"

  • Oh i will try it tomorrow if that a problem but i don't quite understand please explain more
    thank you

    ps. i'm very new with this network thing

  • You are currently trying to put a firewall/router behind another firewall/router. IMO, this is going to be nothing but trouble to configure. If you really want to use pfSense, I would suggest removing the Linksys, getting a dumb ADSL modem, and connecting the WAN of pfSense directly to this modem. The WAN on pfSense would need to be programmed with the settings that are currently on the WAN side of your Linksys.
    Seeing as how you are new to networking, dropping a firewall on a private network behind another firewall will lead to nothing but less functionality and more frustration. In my opinion…

  • thank you that show me the light

    i already try using dumb adsl modem everything work fine


    You need to have different subnets on WAN and LAN.
    How else should a router…. well... route ^^"

    I already try that work fine
    I done it without disable block private network
    Why it work when i didn't disable block private net work
    This is my screen shot

    Is it possible ?

    Last question if i want to do follow this topic,6595.0.html

    Thank for all help

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