Squid Guard won't uninstall

  • Hi

    I wanted to try filters and I installed Squid Guard and DNS Guardian.
    I have easily removed DNS Guardian but Squid Guard seems to be stuck…

    Removing package…
    Starting package deletion for squidguard-1.4_4-amd64...done.
    Removing squidGuard components...
    Tabs items... done.
    Menu items... done.
    Services... done.
    Loading package instructions...
    Deinstall commands...

    Can anyone tell he how to safely remove or reinstall it please?

    The packages I have are:

    dns-server   Services         pfSense version of TinyDNS which features failover host support
    squid           Network     2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.3 High performance web proxy cache.

    squidGuard Network     1.4_4 pkg v.1.9.5 High perfomance web proxy URL filter.


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