Dansguardian can work with multiples groups filtering by IP?

  • Hello pal! i need some help! i making the config of the next thing, i have a ! pfsense with squid and dansguardian

    here is my conn setup

    internet –->> pfsense (firewall, squid, dansguardian) ---->>> switch --- >>> host

    i have 2 networks,
    vlan1 --
    vlan2 --

    i want to block any conn for the internet for 2 groups of user, group1 and group2.
    The group 1must have access
    domain1.com, domainN, and block all

    The Group2
    anything but porn sites.

    lets say that i have 25 machines by default all host, should be on group 1 and any vip on the vlan2

    vip1 -
    vip2 -
    vip3 -

    i have created, acl for eveygroup and i can make it work, dont know why, its no on schedule make any implementation of auth, how can i make work dansguardian groups filtering with ip?

  • Select ip on authentication method.

  • That did it for me at least. Thank you!

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