Multi lan. simple router setup

  • Hello Im new here also im new in pfsense.. asking for help i have 3 inferface 1 for wan the other 2 is for lan how do i join my two lan interface and in become 1 network same ip-range and same subnet also same gateway below my preferred structure.. thanks in advance. :) ;)
                                                                                              Automatic outbound NAT rule generation                                           
                                      –--------------                  -------------------------------            |            -------------------------------------
                                      |cisco router| -----------> |Pfsense WAN interface|  -----> Nat----> | DCHP LAN |
                                      ----------------                  -------------------------------                          |  interface 1 and 2              |

  • You need to create a bridge among the 2 interfaces. Why do you need this? It is usually better and will provide you better performance to just use a simple and cheap switch

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