Ip=host.Domain in Services: DNS forwarder

  • Hello, there is something I do not understand in Services: DNS forwarder.

    I entered the following parameters:

    Enable DNS forwarder = checked
    Host = server
    Domain = home.lan
    IP =

    So from the network debian.home.lan is resolved I suppose that it isn't advertised to the outside due to ip class.

    Now if I want to run a little web server on can I set in pfsense DNS forwarder:

    Host = server
    Domain = mydomain.com
    IP = my public ip

    Then NAT port 80 to and configure apache and /etc/hosts that http://mydomaine.com will point to from the outside ?

    If pfsense doen't work as a DNS server for the internet, I will set a bind server on; it isn't in any DMZ (I know the security threat it represent but http serv is really only for my own use). Can bind work in such case ? which port shall I NAT for bind ?


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