• Hi.

    I have my small test machine:

    neoware ca10 1GB RAM, CF 4GB, running pfsense 2.1 i386 Full.

    Before continue, pfsense 2.0.3+squid+squidGuard+sarg run without any issue, the only small thing is that I cannot get squidGuard reports, some one point me that this works with 2.1.

    Everything is working, but sarg could not make any reports, squid/squidGuard, it crush with a:

    segment fault.

    There we have 2.3.6.x from pfsense package system, I delete the package and installed from freebsd site, using packages-8-stable, this one have sarg 2.3.6.x.

    The freebsd version is not sending segment faults and I'm getting my squid reports, I'm working on how to get squidGuard reports, but no segment fault send.

    Just for the record.