Increase /var size

  • hi!
    i'm a newbie with pfsense.

    i need more space for storing log files in /var partition, how can i do this?

    i have an 1GB CF card, and i have dumped this img on it ""

    output of df -h

    /dev/ufs/pfSense       911M     56M    782M     7%    /
    devfs                  1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /dev
    /dev/md0                38M     36K     35M     0%    /tmp
    /dev/md1               20M    4.8M    15.2M     1%    /var
    /dev/ufs/pfSenseCfg    3.6M     46K    3.3M     1%    /cf
    devfs                  1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /var/dhcpd/dev

  • The point of the embedded platform is that you won't be writing logs there.  The size of the partition is therefore irrelevant ;)

  • so wich version should i use to obtain this?

    i'am building a firewall based on a net5501-70, with 1GB flash card (industrial grade, so dont worry about read&write cycles) ….i don't want to use a remote syslog server, and the spare space on the cf (on 1gb CF card with default installation of pfsense i have 800MB of "wasted" space) could be used to store log files.....

  • I'd assume that you have to install the Embedded version to get a working kernel for that processor.  There is a way to mount the filesystems as rw but you'll need to search the forum for the details as I don't use Embedded so don't know myself.

  • You need to do a full install to the CF like you would a HD. The logs still aren't just going to pile up forever though, they're still rotated long before they get anywhere near 100 MB. If you want to do a full install to just keep more logs locally, that's not going to achieve what you desire.

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