PfSense crash after 2.1 update

  • Hello,

    My pfSense keeps crashing after the last 2.1 update (I updated from 2.0.3 to 2.1).

    I guess its hardware, but I don't know where to look for the problem.

    After a crash, it reboots and starts functioning. But sometimes after a crash, it won't boot and just gives an error. I attach a 'screenshot' of that error.

    The error report is here:

    Another error report (about an hour ago):

    Image when it won't boot:

    Can someone help me to find out what the problem is?

    I will now first try to downgrade to 2.0.3, because the firewall has to work.

  • It was a memory failure.

    I replaced the 'old' pc by another 'old' pc and now everything is working fine.

    Time to buy some new hardware for this pfSense box.
    This pfSense pc was only for testing, but is now the main router/firewall in our network.

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