FTP timeout getting socket error instead of clean timeout message

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      I've got a pfSense router I'm trying to move into production and am having issues w/ the way it's handling FTP timeouts.  We've got an outside vendor that scripts up multiple FTP calls a day to dump data onto our FTP server.  However, when due to internet lag or issues on vendor side, the timeout on the FileZilla FTP server is reached, instead of getting a clean 421 Connection Timed Out message back from FileZilla (As we do on , we get on the current firewall) we are getting : SocketError: WSAECONNABORTED An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.  Our thoughts are that this socket error is causing the vendor's FTP dump to abort the process where as the timeout is read and the FTP session is just restarted.  Our FTP is active mode - set up w/ straight NAT of port 21 on external IP to port 21 on internal IP of FTP server.  Any ideas as to why I might be getting the SocketError instead of the 421 Connection Timed Out response from Filezilla?  Everything else behaves the same and pfSense will work fine for a while but always eventually the missed transfers start.  My thoughts are that when everything is happening "normally", pfSense handles the FTP fine, it's just when internet lag or vendor side lag cause the connection to timeout, we get the SocketError and that causes an issue w/ the vendor's FTP script/program so we miss the remaining files for that batch.  Everything is the same except for pfSense vs Astaro Security Gateway as the firewall and my test FTP script is just giving socket error on pfSense vs the "clean" timeout on the Astaro.


  • Edit:  We're using pfSense 2.0

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