No internet connection but I can ping outside???

  • I have a new install of pfSense on a ESXI5.1 host. ESXI host has two nic's and I followed the installation example here:

    Here are some details:

    LAN: Static with DHCP pool of .100-.250
    WAN: Static
    DSL Modem:

    From a inside host I can ping,,,,

    However if I try to go to a external website ( it fails.

    I am new to pfSense so not sure if I am missing something in the config. . .

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you can ping only local machines pfSense probably has no default route. The WAN interface and DSL modem have public IPs but they are still local to a pfSense interface so it will have a route to them.

    Have you set a gateway on WAN?
    If you go to System: Routing: Gateways: Is the WAN gateway set as default?


    Edit: Just noticed you can ping so forget that!  ::)
    It's probably a DNS problem if you can ping IPs but not URLs. Do you have those Google DNS servers set in System: General:?

    When you try to ping what is the actual error message? Can you ping from the pfSense VM?

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