Traffic Shaping HTTP/HTTPS timeouts

  • Hi,

    School Setup.

    190 Wireless Devices
    35 Desktop PCs
    30 Voip
    Pfsense NIC is 1Gb, but is currently set to 100Mb - This is a problem because in HFSC LAN the maximum bandwidth i can specify is 80Mb

    Comcast internet 100 down 10 up

    I have try different types of schedulers and values, HFSC and PRI and i still have the same problem, HTTPS websites gets random timeouts. When i am browsing regular sites the speed is ok. But when they access HTTPS websites they get "page cannot be found, page cannot be display, and disconnects." Some how i don't seen to be using the full 100Mb. Here is the RRD from Friday when it was slow.


    Comcast Quality

    Switch Quality

    1 week traffic


    My priority over everything is web traffic. I don't know if the problems are the values in the scheduler or …

    I need to be able to browse

    Any help or tip will be appreciated.

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