Connecting a Netgear Prosafe FVS318G and pfSense box?

  • Trying to help out a buddy of mine with this. I keep getting the same problem over and over and I checked all over the web, including the Netgear forums, and have not come across a distinct answer…

    Anyway, enough B.S.

    Trying to connect a Netgear Prosafe FVS318G VPN with my pfSense router. I keep getting this error in the log:

    [FVS318g] [IKE] Invalid SA protocol type: 0_

    I looked around the Internet and stumbled upon the Netgear forum and saw that it had something to do with the subnet. Here's the current settings:



    pfSense router:


    I don't understand what's wrong and been at this for about two weeks now. An immediate and accurate response is most appreciated. Thanks!


    Checked the log in my pfSense router and saw this:

    failed to process ph1 packet (side: 1, status: 2)
    couldn't find the pskey for

  • Hello,

    I've successfully connected 3 FVS318G to a pfSense 2.1 box.

    First, be sure to have firmare 3.1.1-08 on the FVS318G.

    Then, choose phase 1 as following on Netgear:

    • Direction: Both
    • Exchange : Aggressive
    • Identifier : depends on your setup, mine is an IP because WAN has a public IP, could be a FQDN if your WAN lies in a private address space
    • Encryption: AES256
    • Authentication: SHA1
    • DH Group: 2
    • DPD: Yes
    • Xauth: none

    Use the same params on the pfSense box.
    Also check Phase 2 to have same params as Phase 2 on the pfSense box.


    PS: your subnet mask is wrong on pfSense side
    PS2: Don't forget to add new firewall rules in IPSEC interface to enable incomming traffic on pfSense.

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