Display DHCP leases on a Windows Computer

  • Would it be possible to show the DHCP leases of the pfsense DHCP server on a Windows XP computer?

    I have a third party company that will be remoting in to a windows xp box on a local VLAN segment with DHCP enabled. We will plug in printers that the third party company will need access to. DHCP is enabled on the printers by default. It would be a lot less work to not have to setup static IP addresses every time they need to work on a printer, but they will need to know which IP address the printers pick up.

    So I would like to display the DHCP leases table on the windows XP box without giving them direct access to the pfsense router.

    The whole point of this VLAN is for a guest network that has no access to our internal LAN.

    Maybe instead of using the pfsense box for DHCP I could use the Windows XP box, then the DHCP leases would be right there on the same machine? (just guessing at this point, DHCP probably won't even run on XP, although I could possibly use Server 2003 instead of XP)

    Maybe set the DHCP pool to only about 20 IP's and have a script that constantly pings those IP's and generates a list with hostnames or something? I don't need lease times, just IP, hostname, MAC address.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

  • http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/fastresolver.html

    I'm thinking this might do what I want.

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