V2.1 WAN Admin Access not working on any port

  • I have mutable remote pfSesne boxes and i can remote administer them all over the wan ports. I just setup a new firewall and no matter what i do i cant get the remote Admin to work over the WAN.

    I have tried different ports. I have added a Rule for the port, I even tried a Nat rule. I have the exact same setup as my other firewalls that work "Except for the ip addresses of course"
    The other locations are using the same internet provider and hardware.
    Everything works except the Administration over the WAN. I just get a time out trying to connect.
    any ideas this is driving me crazy. I also don't see any errors under the system logs /firewall


  • Can you get to the console and restore back a few steps? Its a new feature in 2.1 like the windows system restore facility.

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