Pfsense constantly sending something..

  • I'm giving PFsence another go. and all installed seemingly ok.  But I noticed constant data for the pfsence pc to the modem and out non stop even when there's nothing happening on my LAN side.  and way to much for normal internet junk (and no firewall logs show a attack of any kind)

    near as I can figure, it's something to do with the ipv6 stuff (and I admit I know little about that)  I tried disabling ipv6 in every place I seen it in setup menu and then the connection just stops for everything to the internet.

    for no I've put m0n0wall back in place and all is well, with normal amounts of data going to the dsl modem.
    SO i'm looking for ideas or suggests why disabling ipv6 is shutting normal IP to WAN down too.  and why it was trying to connect out all the time?  I do not believe my ISP has ibv6.

    I hope this isn't too dumb a question, I'm just trying to figure out what was going on and if I can make it work right or now.

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    How much data are you talking about?
    pfSense sends a ping to it's upstream gateway at 1 second intervals to monitor the WAN connection by default. You can turn that off in System: Routing: Gateways: edit gateway.


  • ok I didn't know about the 1 second ping.. and that makes sences. for the activity lights.  Not sure how my actual data, but couldn't be a lot since Speedtest doesn't show a noticeable change better pfsense and m0n0wall.. in fact the ping time on speedtest at about 20ms on m0n0wall and 10 on pfsence.  So as a gamer, I wan to run the better ping.    So tomorrow I'll try disabling that ping and see what happens thanks.

    fyi, I'm running it on a Celeron 900MHz with 256MB RAM. M0n0wall is on a 4GB CF card, and pfSence is installed on a Western Digital 3GB drive.

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    activity light?? Dude really??  Why don't you just do a sniff under diagnostics and see what is going on..  As to disable 1 ping every second is not going to make your game ping times any better ;)

  • If this is a cable or any other kind of shared connection then it is normal. Your seeing multicast traffic.

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    ^up multicast is going to be there, and lets not forget all the dhcp traffic, and arp traffic..

    Think of your blinking light as – hey its connected and there is traffic.