Squid issue - Access remote Web GUI over VPN

  • Hi..

    My problem seems identical to this user http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,59959.0.html

    Situation is I have Squid configured in non transparent mode (although transparent does the same thing) with WPAD and squidguard.. Everything is working ok bar this one issue.

    I have several remote sites that connect up over VPN. With this setup above I cannot access the web gui's of the remote routers.. This is a pain..

    Is there any solution to bypass the proxy for these hosts?

    seems from the above post I'm not the only one with this issue..

    many thanks

  • any ideas?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Your browser will have a bypass function to let you set such a list there. In Firefox it's a "No Proxy For" box, and IE has a box to bypass the proxy for local connections, though I think there is also some other way to add specific networks to it.

    Or if you configure the proxy by WPAD you can push a list of exceptions that way.

    Basically: In non-transparent mode, It's up to the client.

  • Thanks JimP, sorry for the delay getting back. I'll try your suggestion of altering the wpad. What about a transparent setup though? how can I get access if configured transparent