HELP - pf 2.1 CONSTANSTLY crashing due to Filter Schedule

  • OMG - I'm about to shoot this thing…..

    Apparently, there is a regression bug in 2.1 that was previously fixed in 2.0x.  In Proxy Filter - if there is ANY schedule for the filter rules, the box will crash HARD multiple times during the day.  Sometimes, the crash is bad enough that it will completely hang and has to be power cycled.

    The more schedule items, the more frequent the crashes.  In our case, we are a business and normally, facebook and video sites are blocked, but we have one schedule for Everyday 12-12:30p and a second schedule of Fri 11:30a-Noon that whitelists Facebook and video sites.  We are NOT running shalla list (as that also locks up the box when updating the blacklists).  These are simple filters using the standard proxy and squid packages.  If the admins look in the crash dumps, you should find atleast 1 dump per day, and often 3-5 dumps !!

    This same bug WAS in 2.01, but was fixed around 2.02 or .03 (can't remember). I believe that this patch didn't make it into the 2.1 code tree.  The blacklist crashes were never addressed.

    FWIW - I really do not know, but this feels like the problem is a buffer overrun in the tcp stack.  When the box gets busy updating or reloading filters, something overruns causing a kernel double panic.  However, I have NO IDEA how to see a list of critical buffers to watch highwater levels.  Any ideas or suggestions would get greatly appreciated.

    Is there a newer version or patches other than 2.1 release that might address the schedule crashes.

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