Newbie help to install pfsense via vbox

  • Hi am struggling to install this,  have been reading and watching many tutorials and vids on youtube and getting more confused with them frankly !

    Am stuck right at the beginning.

    Single Intel Quad PC with one Ethernet port.
    Plenty hdd/ram etc

    Installed Vbox> created New pfsense > Clicked settings > Network

    What do I add on here I see many options ?

    I tried to enable network 1 and 2 and set both to "Bridged Adaptor"  as shown in youtube/setup vids…..

    I only have one physically network port,  so am hoping I can still run my bb Router to my PC and somehow virtual a network port.

    if someone can confirm the settings are correct would appreciate it cheers

  • You have to have additional NIC's to be able to select multiple Bridged Networks on vbox
    Otherwise, with one NIC you can create internal network.
    Adapter 1.Bridged (Your real NIC) or NAT
    Adapter 2.Internal network  and so on

  • thx I have set the networks up

    Next problem is,  I set my WAN and LAN and get dhcp but am unable to connect to pfsense via ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Connect from where?
    If your LAN is an internal virtual NIC you will only be able to connect to pfSense from another VM. You can add rules if you need to be able to connect from the WAN side.


  • Exactly.
    Also check how did you assign your interfaces on pfsense VM.
    See your MAC addresses on your 1. and 2. network adapters and compare in your em1 and em0

  • Netgate Administrator

    Just re-reading your last comment it could mean that you have set the LAN interface to get it's IP via DHCP. Whilst this is possible it is not the normal setup. Do you have another DHCP server LAN side to provide it? Is that not what you meant?


  • thx for the help so far guys

    I don't think I am getting my wan and lans mixed up…

    I am only using windows 7 with broadband router,  and one virtual box >pfsense session

    I set real nic as bridged,  the other one as internal.

    I then setup as follows

    em0 = wan
    em1 = lan

    I tried the other way around with the nics in case I was doing it wrong,  but then do not see dhcp on wan,  so I keep the above settings with em0 =wan/em1 =lan and then I get this:

    Wan - em0 -v4/dhcp4:
    Lan  - em1 -v4

    I then open my any web browser say chrome and type in to access pfsense web gui.

    But nothing loads up ?  Tried 2 different web browsers also,  also tried  with https but no joy....

    Also ran another vbox > ubuntu and tried it from there

    so not sure why I can't get to the web interface,  any ideas ?

  • So you are trying to access pfSense VM from another VM?Correct?
    If this is true, then the adapter for your second VM must also have an internal network with same name,to be able to access pfSense.
    Also check the adapter type for your both pfsense adapters, select "Intel PRO/1000MT Server (82545EM)" emulation.
    It can also cause problems.

  • thx yes trying to connect with another vbox linux running,  I have reached the point of getting to pfsense and setting it up now.
    Just stuck on few settings which ill hopefully get from my VPN provider :)

    Ill pop back once I get these openvpn settings since there is an awful lot of unknowns.  Getting there with yours and others help thx !

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