Multi WAN & RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS

  • In pfSense 2.1, a feature was added to the Dynamic DNS client where you can not only monitor for IP changes on individual interfaces, but you can also monitor gateway groups and change DNS records when one interface in a group fails.  This is a really cool feature in my opinion.

    The gateway groups show up in the "Interface to monitor" field for DynDNS clients.  When configuring the same field for RFC 2136 clients, the gateway groups are not available–only interfaces.  Does anyone know if this is this an oversight or if the RFC 2136 client is not able to monitor gateway groups?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The code for multi-wan failover support was not added to RFC2136 yet. I think someone may have already put that in for 2.2, or it's planned for 2.2, but either way it's not there on 2.1.

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