DNS issues

  • Lately I have had serious issues with dns. For a while whelp. rebooting pfsense everything is fine. Then after 10 minutes or so DNS requests start failing. Tyis is true regardless of dns server. Cpu usage is also very high. 60% cpu instead of the usual 2%.

    To rule pfsense out I replaced it with a standard home dsl router. Internet works fine for a while and then the same symptoms appear. Our network spans a few buildings and there can be 30 devices connected at one time. If iconnect the dsl router to one pc directly everything runs just fine. As soon as it is connected to the rest of the network the symptoms come back.

    I am starting to think that there maybbe a rogue device possibly infected with virus or malware that is flooding the pfsense box causing the high cpu usage and network problems. Are there any diagnostic tools I can use to see if there is a device on the network that could be causing The problems.?
    Slowly going mental.  Hope someone can help.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well to see if your flooded - what traffic does pfsense show?  Under diagnostics you could do a capture on your lan interface and see if your seeing something odd.

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