Lost IPV6 - Solution in sight???

  • For whatever reason, be it maintenance or otherwise, Comcast will occasionally reset my DOCSIS 3.0 modem. It doesn't happen often, but when it does pfSence loses its IPV6 addresses on all interfaces and doesn't recover. This problem is said to be understood, but is there a solution in sight?

    There was a time I could just run pfSense and know it would 'just work'. Now with 2.1 and IPV6 I constantly have to deal with uncertainty and periodically check for IPV6 connectivity. :-(

  • i don't have a solution but, if you want to just try something different

    use m0n0wall or openwrt trunk builds

    m0n0wall actually works with ipv6


    i personally can't use m0n0wall because of the multiwan support.

    luckily with openwrt, I have a wndr3700 lying around, ipv6 works out of the box, no configuration needed(you need to use a svn build, but they are 100% stable in my experience)

    for me, I set a few of the lan ports to vlans and use the mwan3 script for multiwan
    no disconnects after a few days or anything

  • Sure, I'd thought of the m0n0wall alternative. It looked like a good alternative, until I discovered it does not support the more advanced schedule features that I require.

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