Can I get a list of all computers on my network that respond to ARP? (or…?)

  • I'm trying to find the IP address of an unused Linksys router.  I know it's on my same subnet and is on the same block of IPs (eg. its 192.168.0.XXX).

    Can I send a broadcast of ARP requests for every IP in my subnet to find the "active" IPs?

  • Three options spring to mind:

    1. Broadcast ping (not all devices will respond though)
    2. Ping each IP one at a time
    3. Do a factory-defaults reset to put it's IP back to the one specified in the manual

  • How do I do a broadcast ping?

    I'm trying to avoid resetting the router…

  • It varies according to your OS.  Check the help/man page for your version of ping and see if it's a command line switch or you simply ping the broadcast address.

  • I'd use nmap to ping scan the entire subnet. After that, even firewalled hosts that don't respond to the ping will be in your ARP table.

    nmap -sP

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