Does PfSense support t1 Cards and other Hardware

  • I was just wondering what expansion cards does PfSense support? Does it support T1 cards like this one : or maybe some sort of FXO/FXS card. Right now if I was going to run the freeswitch package and I needed to connect to a PBX system or hang some pots phones off of PfSense could I do it? I have a Cisco router with a T1 controller, FXO card and FXS card for the conversion between my FreePBX server and my PBX system in my lab, but I was thinking I would like to make a PfSense box and configure it to be a Voice Gateway/voice Mail Server? Has anyone done this or have any experience doing it with FreeSwitch. Right now I have a Cisco 2821 configured as a Voice Gateway with both FXO ports and T1 ports.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is no support in the GUI for those cards.

    If FreeBSD supports it and the drivers are there, freeswitch might be able to latch onto it, but I wouldn't expect that to work.

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