SquidGuard for squid3 issue in tab:Groups.

  • Hi.

    Since yesterday I have a issue with squidGuard:

    squidGuard-squid3 Network Management 1.4_4 pkg v.1.9.5

    I have re-install my system about 6 times, the error I have is in the tab: Groups, this is:

    Order Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/www/pkg_edit.php on line 567 
    Select the new position for this ACL item. ACLs are evaluated on a first-match source basis.
    Search for a suitable ACL by field 'source' will occur before the first match. If you want to define an exception for some sources (IP) from the IP range, put them on first of the list.
    ACL with single (or short range) source ip must be placed before ACL with more large ip range

    I cannot chose the order.

    I search and other people point this error, they request to re-install the app, xml, etc.
    I had follow each tip but won't work.

    This box is a neoware C10 1Ghz 1GB RAM CF 4GB.

    I was thinking that maybe was my burner, but the last thing I did was to install 2.0.3 and upgrade and the issue continue.

    The error point the file:

    /usr/local/www/pkg_edit.php on line 567

    The part of the code is this:

    case "select":
    $fieldname = $pkga['fieldname'];
    if (isset($pkga['multiple'])) {
          $multiple = 'multiple="multiple"';
      $items = explode(',', $value);
          $fieldname .= "[]";
          } else {
          $multiple = '';
          $items = array($value);
      $size = ($pkga['size'] ? " size='{$pkga['size']}' " : "");
      $onchange = (isset($pkga['onchange']) ? "onchange="{$pkga['onchange']}"" : '');
      $input = "<select id="" . $pkga[" fieldname']="" .="" "'="" $multiple="" $size="" $onchange="" name="&quot;$fieldname<br">=====>>>> foreach ($pkga['options']['option'] as $opt) { <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<=====  $selected = (in_array($opt['value'], $items) ? 'selected="selected"' : '');  $input .= "\t<option value="&quot;{$opt['value']}&quot;" {$selected}="">{$opt['name']}</option>\n";    }  $input .= "</select>\n
    \n" . fixup_string($pkga['description']) . "\n";
      if(isset($pkga['advancedfield']) && isset($adv_filed_count)) {
          $js_array[] = $pkga['fieldname'];
          $advanced .= display_advanced_field($pkga['fieldname']).$input;
        $advanced .= "\n";
      echo $input;

    I'm not a programmer, if some have this app running will be great to compare his code with this one, hope could see if this is a bug or is my brain, thanks.

    I share the picture of the error.

  • Looks like this issues came from pfsense base, I install on other machine P4, squid2+squidguard and the issue is there.

    I was thinking that this was related to squidguard-squid3, but is the base system.

    Once u add the first ACL group the 2nd won't show this error.

  • does your list is empty?

  • Yes, what I see is that, I only see this message on a fresh installation, list empty.
    Once I add 1 and add the 2nd the message disappears.

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