IPSEC VPN connect to mobile client (shrew client)

  • Hi, I am very new to pfSense. I have pfsense 2.1-RELEASE with VPN IPsec and  mobile client it work perfectly. So is it possible in the Pfsense VPN site to connect to the mobile client pc (using shrew client)? If possible can you help me please.

    Pfsense Setup
    LAN =
    WAN = Static public Adresse
    VPN Mobile client =

  • So mobile client –> pfSense IPSEC is working fine?  But you want to initiate a VPN connection going the other way, from pfSense --> mobile client?  AFAIK this is not possible with the shrewsoft mobile client (or any 'client' for that matter, hence the name ...)

  • If you already have the VPN established you should be able to get to the remote client from the pfSense.

    But if you mean that you want to initiate the connection to the remote client from the pfSense then you cannot as charliem has already told. This is because the VPN client is not a server as its name implies. It is a client and is prepared only to initiate calls to VPN servers not to respond calls from VPN servers.

    But if you are able to configure the client PC as a VPN server with appropiate software (openVPN for example) then you should be able to initiate the VPN from either side taking into account that, as you said, your client has a STATIC public address as your client is now another VPN server as pfSense is.

  • Thank you guys for your answer

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