Dual Wan Works! Need Help with Rules

  • OK my dual wan works.  Now I would like help with rules. 
    For my dad's office I ahve a separate subnet,  how do i route all of his traffic over one of the connections?

    how do you route application specific traffic, for example I play eve online, i want all of its traffic going down the cable modem.

    I know my first question has to do with firewall rules but I dont know about my 2nd.

    Just for personal edification, why did we not have to setup NAT rules.  i remember originally trying this dual wan setup with pfSense (why i started using it) and NAT rules had to be configured but not this time.  The docs on a multi-wan setup was pretty damn good.
    kudos to whomever wrote it.

  • You'll use firewall rules for all that. Go to the LAN tab. If you want a machine or subnet routed out one gateway or the other, just create a rule- allow source=IP address/subnet * * * gateway=gateway for connection. You may want to create failover pools and use those instead of the gateway IP- that way it still works if one line is down. I have no idea what eve is, but most things can be routed by creating a firewall rule on lan with destination port=whatever port the app uses and the correct gateway, or by specifying the game server(s) as the destination address.

  • What I do is set up aliases
    that Rep your dads Subnet and then another for your machine then under Lan tab just set rules for what goes where w/ gate way policy based routing

    also using the rock Star failover feature you shouldn't loose Connections

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