PFsense with Snort in Bridge mode Failed LOIC pentest

  • I have installed Pfsense 2.1 with snort  as bridge firewall.

    I tried pentesting using LOIC to tcp port 443 with 10000 threads.

    I used 2 computers, 1 is for pentest and the other just to monitor  by pinging pfsense continuously from another vlan on the WAN side.

    When I started the pentest, the monitoring computer showed time out in ping and I can't open also the webgui of the pfsense from the monitoring computer. I stopped the pentest, I checked snort alert/blocked and it is detecting and blocking the IP of the computer that I'm using to pentest.

    But even if the IP of the pentest computer is already blocked, if i restart the pentest, ping and webgui access to pfsense from monitoring computer is lost again. it seems that pfsense is hanging on DoS attack.

    I appreciate if you can give me a work-around on this if you have encountered and solved this before.

    Thank you

  • Snort in a bridge can't assign proper IP addresses the network variables.


  • @jflsakfja:

    Snort in a bridge can't assign proper IP addresses to the network variables.


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