Problem with 2.1 after connecting with pppoe

  • Hi,
    i have made a fresh install of 2.1 on my new Intel atom D525 barbone. First i got the same problems (look at the Pic) which was detemined from the ntp service - there is an open bug for.-> sloved.
    I was very happy, everthing looked good. Configured all new, looked good anyway. Connecting the WAN, pppoe dial-in gets an IP then the same fault occured.
    2.0.3 on my Alix runs perfekt. 2.1 wont run on it so i decided to buy an new barebone.

    Any suggestions???


  • After reboot and login on Webgui same problem without wan connection. AND the console dies with  kill: 1: syntax error: "(" unexpected

  • Everthing ok without WAN connected. (After reset configuration and restore configuration!)

  • no ideas?  i think it is time for the first patch.

    where can i get the 2.1rc2 ??

  • Problem solved. I tested the 64bit version of the nanobsd 4g and now it is working.

    The only thing what sucks is tha tthe igmpproxy is not working correct. IPTV is not working. After a few seconds of stream over udp it should change to multicast stream, but nothing happens. With my alix and 2.0.3 everything is ok.


    EDIT: at the moment i think the Problem is a routing issue.,66776.30.html

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