Multiple cache_dirs in squid.conf

  • The squid documentation, as well as many users on the web, recommend using more than one drive to improve proxy performance. It is almost universally recommended to use a separarte 'cache_dir' directive for each drive or partition.

    How could this be applied in pfSense? The squid ("Proxy server") configuration page doesn't allow for multiple locations in the "Hard disk cache location" setting under the "Cache Mgmt" tab.

    Would it break things to manually edit the 'squid.conf' file to add the extra 'cache_dir' lines? It would be really valuable to be able to do this, even if it must be done manually, as it is one of the main ways to improve squid's performance.


  • You can add it on file or including it on custom options field.

  • Marvelous. Thanks!

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