PPTP WAN Connection Virtualbox

  • http://charleswilkinson.co.uk/2013/01/02/dd-wrt-and-pppoa-using-st510-v6/

    speedtouch pptp relay ===> wan pfsense lan====>

    I am trying to get the above guide to work with pfsense. Well the thing is I did get it working day before yesterday, but accidentally reset the settings and not I dont know what I am doing differently! PPTP relay works fine connected to my asus router.

    My windows 7 host has two physical adapters, the speedtouch connected to the wan which is only bound to the virtualbox protocol. Bridged to virtual adapter and the lan is bridged to the virtual adapter.

    On the wan settings page set to pptp
    username and password as provided by my broadband provider
    local ip addess : /24
    Remote ip address:
    dial on demand disabled

    For some reason the wan isn't coming up this time, are there any tweaks I need to make?

  • I dont know why, but it is now working after resetting and doing the same thing for like the 20th time.

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