Help needed, can't access webgui

  • after installing and accessing the webgui, i decided to configure the wan interface to be able to connect to my isp because i an ip, a default  gateway and a dns server to connect to my isp but after doing all that i cant enter into the webgui again but pfsence machine displays both wan and lan ip but cant access webgui

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    and what interface is connected to your lan?  Make sure your using that to access it via web gui.  You didn't put a gateway on what you thought was your lan did you?

    Its prob easier to run through the setup again connecting both interfaces at the same time one being wan and other being lan.

  • can u plz help me do everything again?. I mean the initial setup after installation

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can do it at the console, option 1 from the menu, or via the gui System: Setup Wizard:.


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    I got your PM - if I recall this a nested vm sort of thing.  With wanting to hit the web gui from the wan side, etc.

    I had teamviewered in and got him going last time…  Sure just send me a PM, I should be able to find some time at work today..

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