Traffic shaping tutorial

  • Hi,

    I need to start building traffic shaping on my firewall and i would like to understand where to start. I have been looking for some tutorials or "how-to" but didn't really find anything for beginners. Can someone let me know where to start ?

    I have started by using the wizard to build a penalty queue but the outcome is quite confusing. I was expecting to have a penalty queue but instead, I get 4 different ones (qwanroot, qwandef, qwanacks and finally my expected qpenaltyUp). Can someone tell me what the 3 first ones are used for ?

    What does happen to the traffic that fo not match any traffic shaping rules does if end-up in some queues such as qwandef ? or does it just go thought without being assigned to any queue ?

    In addition, looking at the "Queues: Edit" page, I can see that we have a property called "Bandwidth" and once call "Service Curve" that seems to defined some fort of bandwidth as well (upperlimit, realtime). Can someone tell me why we need to define bandwidth at two different places ? How to they relate to each others ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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