Mobile IPSEC between PFSense v2.1 and Vyatta VC6.5

  • Dear PFSense lovers,

    I try to create an IPSEC tunnel between a Vyatta device (software version VC6.5R1) and a PFsense box v2.1.
    This is the setup :

    Vyatta box (DYN private IP) –----- router A (DYN public IP) ----- internet ----------- (public IP) PFSENSE

    I have configured the PFSense as a Mobile IPsec server.
    I don't manage to get phase 1 up and running as soon as router A has another IP address. I see in the log files that there is no correct authentication. As soon as I add the public IP address in the preshared box, phase1 is coming up.
    Does someone has a working configuration of both devices ?

    Thanks and best regards,


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