Best way to manage pfblocker exceptions?

  • I recently subscribed to iblocklist and am using their default gzip (gz) format with pfsense's pfblocker.

    While I've noticed a significant # of packets being caught which I assume is an indicator it is working, I find myself spending more time appending to my pfblocker custom exception list of CIDRs that I wish to allow outbound access from client PCs. In fact, adding exceptions has become so tedious I've considered disabling pfblocker.

    Often am unaware of the many IPs being used by common tasks. Instead I must watch a site block occur, either try to ping the domain to return the IP or look in NTOP for the attempted packet destinations. Then add the x.x.x.0/24 CIDR to my exemption list.  Very time consuming and requires me to navigate back and forth between multiple different modules of the pfsense UI per CIDR.

    Surely there's a better way?

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