New build, issues

  • Hey all, new here and having issues with my pfsense box build.
    Dell 521
    AMD Athlon singlecore, 2ghz
    1.5gb mem, 80gb hdd, standard optical
    Rosewill gigabit nic card 2x rj45
    Trendnet gigabit nic card, single rj45
    Rosewill wireless card, (realtek RTL8192CE chipset)

    I can get pfsense installed on the box, but I'm having issues with the WAN settings. I'm wanting to place the box downstream of my house router for my own network upstairs. I'll follow the instructions and use the single nic card (I disabled the slower onboard nic card) and the box gets up and running, goto the gui and finish the setup then when it has you "reload" for the settings it freezes. I have to restart the box then once I get back into it it works ok. Now, when I try to add any other machine it does not work at all. When I restart the box again I never can get into the gui after that, even though I use the IP listed on the screen on the box (have it hooked up to a monitor). I have watched the youtube video guides and still have issues with this setup. Thoughts?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Does the LAN subnet conflict with whatever IP address your upstreams router is using?


  • I'll check this weekend when I work on the box. Been busy with work. I'm going to completely hook the box directly to my cable modem, then to my network"s wireless router and see what happens.

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