IP addresses on VLANs

  • I'm running PfSense 2.1

    I have a VLAN interface ("VLAN100") on a NIC which has an IP address ("INFRASTRUCTURE") connected to a lan. The VLAN address is Another NIC ( - "LAN") sits on our local network.

    Everything works just fine, and pfsense routes traffic exactly as I want/expect.

    However, the Traffic Graph doesn't report IP address from within the VLAN.  Monitoing VLAN100 or INFRASTRUCTURE it shows the aggregate total but nothing in the IP addresses table.

    My VLAN experience is very low, but is there any way I can get the graph to show IP addresses from the VLAN? Or have I misconfigured my VLAN setup, or just misunderstood.

    Feel free to point me at some docs if you think I've got the wrong end of the stick… :) but any advice on how I can monitor individual hosts on VLAN100 would be appreciated.

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