Help with ESXi and pfSense…

  • Hi there,

    I currently have one physical host with ESXi 5.0 installed. The host has 3 NICs. What I'm looking to do is to setup pfSense on a virtual machine and a Windows server to host a web page on a different virtual machine on the same physical host.

    Now I don't want to have the web server on my LAN due to security concerns, so I wanted to use pfSense to act as a router/firewall. I wanted to use one NIC for my WAN connection, one for LAN, and one for a DMZ. My question is: how do I set this up so that traffic goes through the pfSense virtual machine first and then gets routed to the server virtual machine? I understand how to do this if they were on seperate physical machines and I'm comfortable with setting up the networking and firewall rules, but wasn't sure if it was possible using one physical ESXi host. I understand this is more of an ESXi question, but wanted to see if anyone had insight on this environment.


  • Thanks biggsy. I've read through that first document. I'll try the second one. I just wasn't sure if packets would go through the pfSense VM first before going to the Server VM (being that they are on the same vSwitch).

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