Traffic limiter burst feature in 2.1 release. what is the idle time out?

  • For the new Traffic limiter burst feature in 2.1 Release, what is the default idle time out set to? Can this time be customised?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't a default idle time, it's all handled internally by ipfw and really isn't clear or customizable. Here is the text from ipfw(8):

    burst size
        If the data to be sent exceeds the pipe's bandwidth limit (and
        the pipe was previously idle), up to size bytes of data are
        allowed to bypass the dummynet scheduler, and will be sent as
        fast as the physical link allows. Any additional data will be
        transmitted at the rate specified by the pipe bandwidth.  The
        burst size depends on how long the pipe has been idle; the effec-
        tive burst size is calculated as follows: MAX( size , bw *

  • In limiter  Bandwidth = 1024kbit/s -= >
    burst 256kbit/s right?

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