IPv6 Help?

  • So, figured it is time to migrate everything over to be compatible with IPV6, I know nothing about it yet.

    From the brief (10 min) research, seems FE80::/10 is the private IP range? With that, I assume each octet is 10 bits. and there are 8 octets. This equates to 80 bits… where I am told IPV6 is 128 bit.

    Can someone correct my confusion? Also, what is a good starting IP for my server/gateway/router? and what is a good range for DHCPv6?

  • So, after speakign briefly to someone who knows IPv6 very well, I am going about it all wrong. Currently I am trying to NAT my IPv6 traffic, when I should supposedly have a /64 address space from my ISP. I should just set up a DHCP server in that space, and just firewall the traffic.

    I have alot more research to do before I fully dive in. I am mostly doing this for knowledge sake, I don't hope to obtain anything else by enabling IPv6 just yet.

    Anyone else with knowledge on the subject, please feel free to chime in.

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