• I'm a relatively new pfsense user and have a question relating to VLAN configuration.  When I first setup pfsense I had just two interfaces WAN and LAN, one on each of thw two NICs in my pfsense box.  I have since added two VLANs to segregate some of the traffic that doesn't need to interact with the devices that were on the original LAN.  When I created the VLANs I moved some the network devices to each VLAN, but left several of the devices on the original LAN.
    So now I have LAN, VLAN20 and VLAN30 all going through the same NIC.  Everything seems to be working fine and all devices can connect to the internet through the WAN interface.

    Now I'm wondering if leaving the devices on the original LAN was a bad idea and if I'd be better off moving them to a 3rd VLAN?  What leads me to ask the question is that I've noticed in the traffic graphs that traffic from VLAN20 appears to be showing up on the graphs for both VLAN20 and LAN, same with VLAN2.  I'm not sure if this is because they have the same parent interface, or if it's because there's traffic from the VLANs bleeding through to the LAN but don't think this is the case because I have rules to prevent traffic from the VLANs from crossing to the LAN.  I don't see the same issue with the RDD graphs, they seem to separate the traffic as I would expect.

    Did I make a newb mistake by not moving everything off the original LAN?

    Thanks for any insight on this question.


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